Welcome to ãFER : From Africa

Extraordinary, award-winning, raw honey from Africa’s most wild and diverse  natural areas.

Africa’s unique geography supports a diverse population of animals and plants and is considered to be mega diverse. The plants and flowers found just in South Africa exist nowhere else on the planet. This exclusive combination of an indigenous species of healthy honey bees and the high diversity of unique and wild flora offers honey connoisseurs a true and rare taste of wild Africa.

āFER produces a selection of prestigious raw honeys, from small apiaries located in some of Africa’s most abundant, and diverse natural areas. āFER hives are monitored by Artificial intelligence, allowing the bees to produce honey with minimal human interference, therefore keeping the process as natural as possible. All honey produced is organic, GMO-free, Pesticide-free and Antibiotic-free.

The āFER’s apiaries produce limited quantities of award winning honeys, each telling a unique tale of the complex flavors and rich aromas of untamed Africa.

Honey Is A Distillation Of The Natural World Around It

ãFER Head Apiarist

Georges Lenferna

George lives and breathes bees, he is passionate about the diverse ecology of South Africa’s biospheres and the resilient African Honey Bee, Apis mellifera scutellata. George has been operating for several years on remote and pristine apiary sites in the wild African savanna. The wide-ranging diversity of indigenous fauna and flora is the ideal habitat for bees to forage. As āFER believes strongly about Africa’s ecology, George ensures that all aparies are far from commercial farms and habitations to steer clear of pollution and pesticides.

The hives have been expressly built using organic materials, free of insecticides and preservatives to emulate the natural habitat of the African honey bees and to promote their inborn behaviors. George believes, and has proven, that the higher the diversity of the natural fauna, the healthier the bee colonies and the better the quality of the honey produced and the results have been exceptional.