The Evolution of Beekeeping: Artificial Intelligence

The apiarists at ãFER believe that we need to let nature do what she does best, with as minimal interference from us as possible.

Beekeeping is no different, by using technology we can manage our hives remotely, leaving the bees to forage, reproduce and build their colonies as nature intended. We believe that healthy, happy bees make the best honey. At āFER, we manage the hives through precision robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Our beekeepers continually watch the bees using Artificial Intelligence, which detects their demands in real time, allowing us to meet the bees’ requirements as they arise in the field, without the need for human involvement.

person in white pants and white shoes holding brown wooden frame

Our honey is produced using cutting-edge technology that monitors the hive
to ensure the production of top-quality nectar. The temperature within the
hive is controlled so that flavor is never compromised and the weight of the
hive is measured to determine nectar flow. The movement and sounds of the
bees are also tracked to better understand their production habits. These
careful considerations are what promise a truly unique experience.
We’re not changing the way beekeeping is done; we’re just putting it into
practice using a AI system in real time.