Autumn Reserve

  • A Light & Dark Amber Liquid Honey
  • Low-Sweet
  • 3 Gold Medal Winner
  • 1lb 2oz | 500g
  • Harvest Region: Waterberg region, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve | South Africa


Autumn Reserve Tasting Notes

Foraging Area

Waterberg region, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, far from commercial agricultural farms. The hives are positioned in a large Black IronBark Eucalyptus forest surrounded by natural Savannah grasses and close to a natural spring for the bees to drink from.


An aromatic honey, initially notes of hay and earth, slightly spicy and herb-like lingering finish.


Soft gentle aroma with buttery warm notes of vanilla and caramel tastes, slight beeswax and condensed milk flavours. An unexpected sweetness on the finish with medium persistence.


A creamy liquid honey with good viscosity (Pfund Colour Scale 20 - 26 mm).

Nutritional Information

The Apis mellifera scutellata,  African Honey Bee forages among the wild indigenous plants and flowers to produce the finest selection of flavourful,  pure raw honey. These bees are also highly resistant to the parasites, viruses, pathogens, and pests that are known to destroy other bee species. There has also been no human intervention in the form of preservatives or genetic tampering, this ensures that āFER produces a honey that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes that are impossible to mimic anywhere else.

Nutritional Ingredients


Typical Value Per 100g/3.5274 ounces Per single serving 25g/0.881849 ounces
Energy 1272 kj 38kj
Protein 0.3g/0.0105822 0.1g/0.000035274 oz
Glycemic Carbohydrate 82.3g/2.903047 ounces 20.6g/0.7266436 ounces
of which total sugar 82.3g/2.903047 ounces 20.6/0.7266436 ounces
Total fat 0g 0g
Dietary Fibre 5mg/0.00017637 ounces 1.3mg/0.0458562 ounces
Total sodium 5mg/0.000117637 ounces

The ãFER Honey Promise

As this is a minimally processed food made by nature, slight variations in flavour, colour, or consistency are part of its beauty.
ãFER Honey is GMO-free, antibiotic free and pesticide-free. Authentic Luxury African honey, traceable back to the land block that produced it.